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Football Club "Rubin Kazan" is honoured to present new club logotype. It was created by Sellout Sport System company and well-known Kazan-based art-director Artyom Ermolayev. 


New logo combines the first historical club logotype, which was founded at the Kazan Aviation Fatiry n.a. S.P.Gorbunov, the 1996 logo, which is assosiated with the most significant achievements of the club, and also an image of a classic soccer ball, which was widely used at the time our club was founded. 


New logotype is a successor of the 1996 year's logotype. There is a similar form of the shield with green-white-red contours which form the Tatarstan Republic flag. There are the year the club was founded, its hometown and, of course, the symbol of Kazan - Zilant dragon. The dragon head is more agrressive now, and the direction of the head and the wings now coincide. By the way, this direction is exactly the same as the direction of the rocket from the historical club logo. 

Modified Font Archive makes it easy to read the name on the club logo, even from a distance, and does not distract the attention from the main character of the logo - Zilant.


An important style-forming element of the logo is the pattern in the form of dragon's scales. The shape of the scales is identical to the shape of the new logo shield. This pattern is used in the official documentation of the club, brand attributes, on tickets as well as the vivid detail the official club kit season 2016/17.


The logo and many basic elements of corporate style are available for download in the "Logo" section on the official website of FC "Rubin". We kindly ask you to follow the rules described in the manual for the logo while using the elements of the new corporate identity of the club.


We hope that our new logo will be welcomed by the Rubin fans and supporters community! 

Российская Премьер-Лига
Казань Арена
20 мая 19:00
Молодёжное первенство
25 мая 11:00
Краснодар М
Краснодар М
Рубин М
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