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Kurban Berdyev: I’m Grateful to the Guys for Being Strong


During the post-match press-conference Kurban Berdyev, the head coach of Rubin, has made up a summary of the match against Rostov played on MD-13 of ROSGOSSTRAKH Championship of Russia.

- In general, we do feel satisfaction today and mainly because of the result. The bad streak that we had, implied certain mental pressure over our boys. I think it affected us today after we scored: once we scored, we tried to protect our lead. I’m very grateful to the guys for being strong and being able to overcome themselves and not to make those mistakes that we made in the previous matches conceding last minute goals.

-Today, there was a mistake in the first half when your team received the opponent´s counter attack which resulted in a penalty kick. What did you expect from Rostov from the offensive point of view?

- We were preparing for this match just as we are preparing for any other games and we were ready for this situation. It´s right what you are saying: one attack in the first half nearly resulted in a goal.

Was it a surprise for you that Kalachev was not in the starting line-up?

- Not only Kalachev’s absence was a surprise but that of Bukharov as well.

Today´s win is Dzhanaev´s victory, isn´t it?

- It is the team´s victory

-  Are you missing Rostov?

-  Rostov is in our hearts, in the hearts of the coaching staff for the rest of our lives, it’s been one of the brightest chapters in our lives.

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