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Kurban Berdyev: "Looking Forward to Some Fruitful Work During All Three Camps"


Ahead of the flight to Abu Dabi where the first training camp will be held, FC Rubin head coach Mr. Kurban Berdyev gave an interview to Rubin TV to tell about our plans for this preseason, reflect about the changes that took place in the team and share his expectations of the rest of the season.

- We’re quite optimistic about the upcoming preseason. We are looking forward to having all three camps to be full of good and fruitful work. At the same time, we’re having certain difficult situations and there are some players we asked to start looking for new clubs which is because of our club’s situation. There are only such foreign players as Navas, Caktas, Gokdeniz and Azmoun who are coming with us to the training camp. All the rest foreign players were kindly requested to look for new clubs for them. We hope that they understand the situation. Certainly, we are going to need some reinforcement, but it’s only about one player, I mean a midfielder and it’s not going to be a permanent transfer but a loan. Moritz Bauer might be leaving, so if he leaves we are going to get Ustinov back. These are the upcoming transfers that we are planning now.  

-Could you please tell about the schedule and fixtures?

-The first camp will be in held in UAE and will last two weeks with two friendly games to be played. The next camp will be held in Turkey with three games and the third one will take place in Spain with four friendly matches to be played there.

-We would appreciate if you could tell us about our new player Vyacheslav Podberezkin and his prospect?

-We had been following him since Rostov but at that moment no agreement was reached between Rostov and Ural management. In general, he’s a promising guy, we know him quite well. Hopefully, he will help our team and get adapted into our playing system, especially, we count on his offensive contribution in terms of build-up play.

-Do you know any details about new clubs search for Bauer, Rochina, Lestienne, M’Vila and Song?

-Moritz Bauer left yesterday for medical tests in his new club. Regarding the rest of the foreign players, they are looking for their new clubs.

-There is a great number of U21 players who are coming with the first team. Do you count on them and to what extent?

-We are planning to look at them now at this training camp in a more detailed way. During the league we did not have such an opportunity, though they were involved in some of our trainings. Due to the current situation, there are two or three players we count on, I prefer not say any name at the moment.

-There have been some changes in the coaching staff as well. In particular, Sergey Kozko, who is well-known among Rubin fans, will be helping you.  

- Yes, we made such a decision due to the fact that Vitaly Kafanov is going to undergo a surgery within 9-10 of January. We asked Kozko to work with us during this camp. The camp has been planned well, so I don’t think there is going to be any problem. Kozko is a man we know quite well.

- Could you share your expectations from the remaining ten matches to be played in the League?

- We are quite optimistic about the remaining matches. Now the adaptation period is over for the team. We believe, that now the players will be different now compared to the previous camps. Now they do understand our demands and will approach each and every issue in a more responsible way. 

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