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Roman Sharonov: "24 Players Involved in the Training Camp"


FC Rubin U21 boss tells about changes in the team and their plans for the winter preseason

-Mr. Sharonov, could you please tell us about those changes that have happened in your team? As far as we know, many new players from the club Academy have been incorporated.

-Yes, apart from almost the whole team of Academy U18, six U17 players have been included as well. As you know, the goal of our reserves team is to prepare and train players so that they can make a step forward. If a player is not in the team now, it does not mean at all that he is a bad one. The thing is that it´s time for them to make a step forward. So some players probably need different environment for such a step. This decision was made based on the input data that we had as well the club´s management did. As for the current training camp, we keep gathering these input data and information as well and I believe that most of those boys who are working with us now are going to be included into our squad.     

-How many players are there in the squad now?

-There are 24 players who are going to Krasnodar for the training camp it means 21 players and 3 goalkeepers. Any way if it turns out that some players do not get included into the Krasnodar camp it would not mean that we do not count on them any more. On the contrary, we are going to follow them up trying to find some adequate environment for them.  

-Are you going to involve any players from another cities and Academies on trial?

-No, there are only those players who belong to our club at the moment. Involving a player from outside should suppose that he should be much better and stronger than those players we are having now.  

List of U21 players involved in the first training camp held in Kazan:

Egor Tushev (year of birth: 1998)
Daniil Makeev (year of birth: 1998)
Igor Nikolov (year of birth: 1999)
Anton Chernov (year of birth: 1999)
Dmirty Gubanov (year of birth: 1999)
Maksim Lukoyanov (year of birth: 1999)
Kirill Lukyanchikov (year of birth: 1999)
Nikita Torgashov (year of birth: 1999)
Rail Abdullin (year of birth: 2000)
Ruslan Gavrilov (year of birth: 2000)
Vildan Ermilov (year of birth: 2000)
Timur Lobanov (year of birth: 2000)
Amir Nurullin (year of birth: 2000)
Nikita Saprunov (year of birth: 2000)
Artur Sagitov (year of birth: 2000)
Aleksandr Smelov (year of birth: 2000)
Ilia Snezhkin (year of birth: 2000)
Danil Stepanov (year of birth: 2000)
Aleksander Tsiberkin (year of birth: 2000)
Roman Shashin (year of birth: 2000)
Ilia Agapov (year of birth: 2001)
Daniyar Bikmukhamedov (year of birth: 2001)
Vladislav Mikushin (year of birth: 2001)
Andrey Pozdin (year of birth: 2001)
Nikita Tsigankov (year of birth: 2001)
Nikita Makarov (year of birth: 2001)

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