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Kurban Berdyev's Post-Match Press Conference


FC Rubin head coach Kurban Berdyev’s postmatch press conference on ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Championship MD 22 victory against Tosno

-In general, we are glad that we have won. There is some concern about the opposition side is again having a hundred percent chance in the stoppage time. Also, Tosno did not convert the good chance they had at the beginning of the first half with 0:0 still. This moment could have been dramatic for the match. We are also concerned about the beginning of the second half when we yielded the initiative. In general, it was not a bad game.   

-After today’s victory, can we say that the relegation threat has gone?

-We are preparing from one game to the other. There are certain strategic plan. It will depend a lot on the three-four games run.

-You have mentioned the situation when you almost conceded a late goal again. How are you working on it to improve this?

-We are working on it, we are analyzing our mistakes, but sometimes the reason gets overwhelmed by emotions and it affects the playing consistencies.

-Why does it happen for the players are so experienced?

-I agree. For instance, the situation at the end of the game. When Kudryashov joins the attack, his position is supposed to backed up a central midfielder which was not implemented. With God’s help we will improve such things little by little.

-One hour and a half were played on an artificial pitch with a temperature below zero. No injuries tonight?

-No, thanks God.

-What was your reaction when you learnt that the fixture would be played in Saransk?

-It does not matter to us where to play. This was the decision. We were not concerned about that. It was only a matter of logistics to organize the flight and that’s all.

-Did you have any special preparation ahead of playing on an artificial pitch?

-No, we arrived a day before. Anyway we are not going to do it any more if we have to play a game on a non-natural pitch, I mean coming a day before to train on an artificial pitch. The thing is that players were complaining about some muscle fatigue after the pre-match training. From now on we prefer arrive and play at once if it’s an artificial pitch to play on.

-What was the reason for changing Ilzat Akhmetov?

-It was because of a set piece. Ilzat came on the pitch quite well, pushed well, but we knew that at the end of the game there would be a set piece and Tosno are a tall team.

-The next game will be against Spartak. Will Popov play?

-No, he can’t play this game.

-Players did not make long-range shots. Was it your objective?

-Not at all, the objective was to shoot every time we entered 25 metre zone, but players wanted to put the ball inside the net making too many passes which was not in line with the playing discipline.   

-What’s wrong with Sardar Azmoun who was not in today’s squad list?

-He got injured during the training but he came here with the team.

-Was he curious about Saransk one of the WC host cities?

-He’s going to play not only in Saransk, but in Kazan as well. We hope to God, he will be in good form and not injured.

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