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Massimo Carrera: "I'm Happy with the Team's Performance"


Spartak Moscow head coach Massimo Carrera’s postmatch pressconference after ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Championship MD 23 game against Rubin Kazan.


- Would you comment on the match please? How was it like, playing on such a pitch?

- It was hard to control the ball both for us and them. We played a good first half and did not allow Rubin to create too many chances. There were three chances to score. In the second half, Rubin complicated our life but I expected that. They are having a well-organized team. We conceded a goal which we could have prevented. I think, it was a good reaction from the team and we scored again and won. 

- Are you satisfied with the score?

- Of course, I'm glad. Winning is always great. I expected this game to be a complicated one for us. It's always like that every time you playing against Rubin. I'm glad with the result and the team's performance.

 - You winced with pain while entering the press-conference hall. Why was that?

-It was some head ache caused by cold weather.

-Does not it seem surprising to you, that World Cup venues are already built but it’s only Krestovsky stadium which is equipped with a roof?

-I think, having a roof is good for a stadium, but it needs money. This stadium is quite good for the World Cup since it will be held in summer, not in winter.

-Have you been analyzing the upcoming fixtures both for your own team and your opponent?

-We are moving from one game to the other. Our next game will be against Tosno and now I’m focused on Tosno. It’s not about sitting and counting points, it’s about winning in all the games.

-You are an emotional person, but today you have seldom approached the touchline. Why?

-I think, it was as usual today. There are some matches when one gets more emotional and there are games when one gets calmer.

-Ivelin Popov is now on loan in Rubin. Today he must have watched the game for sure. Whom do you think he’s been supporting today?

-I think he’s been supporting his current team and it’s normal.

-Why does Otkritiye Arena have a green pitch while the pitch in Kazan it is yellow and brown though the climatic conditions in the recent Moscow match and here were the same.

-You’d better ask those people that have been working with this pitch. Certainly, it depends on the weather and people. No matter what pitch we’re playing on, the field of play is the same both for us and the opponent.

-Didn’t you have a home game kind of feeling today?

-Yes, I had. There were lots of our fans and I’m very glad that we won and made them happy. Our fans have always been with us. Our goal is to make them happy.

-It’s been a stunning goal of Luis Adriano. Do you agree that he’s currently the main star of the Russian league?

-He’s a very strong player indeed, but we are not making any revelations now. He has very good attributes just like any other players of my team. I’m proud of working with them.


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