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Tsallagov: "I Could not Miss the Opportunity to Work with Mr. Berdyev"


Ibragim Tsallagov shares his expectations ahead of the upcoming game

- Ibragim, how did you feel after your first game in view of the fact that you did not join FC Rubin until the end of the preseason and hence had missed the training camp?

- Frankly speaking, I am not 100% fit so far. You may have seen that during the game with FC Krasnodar as I got a little bit tired by the end of the match. Anyway I coped with it and now I will try to gain form. 

- How did it all happen with FC Rubin transfer? Which are the conditions? Is there a buy-out option?

- Well, it is a normal loan agreement.

- What is FC Rubin to you? Is it an opportunity to relaunch your career?

- I'm not going to say anything new. Many players would love to work with Mr. Kurban Berdyev. I'm having such an opportunity and I will use it. Also, it is an opportunity to relauch my career, learn something new and grow as a player.

- Have you already learned anything new from him?

- Есть моменты (улыбается).

- Yes, there are certain things (smiles).

- You used to play for FC Dinamo. What do you expect ahead of facing your ex-club?

- It was a nice time in Dinamo, with good group and staff. All the friends should stay off pitch, there are no friends on pitch.

- What is the difference between Kurban Berdyev's sessions compared to training of other coaches. Is there anything fundamental you noted at once?

- Here we are taught to pay great attention to every single detail no matter how little it is for every little thing is important both in football and normal life and it helps you a lot when you step on the pitch.

- You have always been an attacking fullback. You must be feeling especially comfortable to play with three-man formation? 

- Thanks, I have not been called an attacking midfielder too often until now.  I just joined attacks when it was possible. As for five-man formation is clear to me, but there are some special requirements from Mr. Berdyev so I have to adapt.

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