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Kurban Berdyev: Hopefully We're Going to See Again the Bukharov We All Remember


FC Rubin head coach Mr. Kurban Berdyev spoke to press before the open-to-media training session at the club's training ground this Wednesday. 

- Mr. Berdyev, how do the players feel? Kambolov was not able to finish the game with Krasnodar while Podberezkin and Ustionov had to miss the game.

- Podberezkin is having individual trainings, Kambolov is not fit enough to work an entire training, but I think he is going be fit by the game. As for the rest of the boy, I think they are going to be fit. Obviously, we are not having enough players especially in midfield, but this is the reality.

-Does that mean that the FC Rubin transfer campaign is over? Aren't there any positions you would like to reinforce?

- It depends on our financial capabilities. The number of free agents on market keeps decreasing, so it´s hard to say. Certainly, if there appears a good midfielder  (either a playmaker or number eight), we could use. 

- Bukharov, Tsallagov and Navas have recently joined the team almost without a training camp. How would you assess their performance. 

- They have to improve, certainly. Maybe you have noted that Tsallagov felt very tired by the end of the match. It was his first game to have played 90 minutes with such a high rhythm. I was pleased with his attitude and willpower. Regarding Bukharov, he is gaining form, but his attitude is very good and positive. Hopefully, we are going to see the Bukharov we all remember.

- Konovalov has improved compared to the previous season, hasn´t he?

- He is progressing, but it´s hard to say how much. There have been some performances we are not happy with. He can play even better. 

- Azmoun scored two goals. How important was that to him?

- Scoring goals is a striker´s job. After the World Cup where he was not able to perform in line with his level for this or that reason he was in need of goals.

- Do you consider selling Azmoun if there is a club to express its interest in him. 

- Certainly.

- Is there such an interest?

- Yes, there is. The thing is that after the World Cup it decreased, but now we are starting to get phone calls all the more after his successfull performance in the first game. 

- Is anything clear about Granat or Kudryashov?

- As for Fedor, he came back with an injury and he is not fit enough. The same with Vladimir Granat. Granat is trying to gain the form for he had not been playing for a long time. Trainings are important, but it´s hard without playing games. Now both of them are trying to gain form. If there appear some offer, we are going to consider such option. 

- How would you assess Tsallagov and Bayramyan´s debuts?

- I think both of them were good transfers. I know Khoren quite well, he can play also as a midfielder just where we used him during the preseason either as a part of a midfield trio or a attacking trio. It is a multipurpose player. So if there is an injury God forbid, Khorem will be able to play both of these positions.  

-Do you see Kambolov only as a central midfielder today?

- So far, yes, this is the position. 

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