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Rubin 1-0 Ural: Kurban Berdyev Speaks after the FC Ural Fixture


FC Rubin head coach speaks at the post-match press conference after the 1:0 home victory over FC Ural Yekaterinburg

- Regarding the first half and beginning of the game, we did everything properly in terms of positioning, we did everything well. But then our positioning was worse, we started complicating simple things and thus lost those good things we had. Both our defensive and offensive performances leave much to be desired. Thanks God, we have won today.

- Sardar Azmoun has been contributing either with a goal or an assist in the recent games. How important is his role? Is he the team's main hero now? He is not going to his National team now but staying with the club for the next two weeks. How important will it be? 

- It is not certain yet whether or not he is going to the National team. Yes, he scores goals, but he is a striker, and it is his job.

- Today, FC Ural were able to deliver 30-40 m. long diagonal balls and complete these passes too often. Why were the team unable to neutralise such a threat?  

- Because the fullbacks were not positioned well enough

- How does Ruslan Kambolov feel?

- Thanks God, he does not have any serious injury, but there is a contusion and haematoma

- The first third of the competition is over now. Are you taking a look at the tables?

- We take each game as it comes. We will take a look at the tables at the end of the season.  

-  It looked like you had some things to tell Azmoun for his better adjustment

-  As I was saying, the players were not possitioned well enough in terms of playing structure. They know how they should do that, but there were certain situations where they prefered to complicate too much instead. That is why we ended up switching from 5-3-2 which implied a see-saw with which we struggled today to 5-4-1 which required only closing down the middle.  

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