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Pavel Mogilevets' Post-match Interview


FC Rubin midfielder Pavel Mogilevets shares his post-match impressions after today's 1-0 home victory over FC Ural Yekaterinburg.

- It's been a tough game just like any game this season. We started the game very well, then we decreased the intensity a little bit and as a result FC Ural created many set-pieces. They pushed up. In the second half, we played keeping in mind the result. I would like to thank the team, my partners because everyone fought till the end.

- How hard was it to come on the pitch in such a game and why did you change the zone?

- We switched to 5-4-1 and I moved to play on the left because Ural use their wings a lot. It's hard to come on the pitch during a game. I wanted to do my best, there were two chances which I was not able to convert, but I will work hard and do my best. 

- What was the post-match message of Mr. Berdyev? Did today's game bring satisfaction?

- It did, it is three points. It was a tough game, we worked hard. But we will analyse our mistakes. 

- The team have moved up to 4th place which is a European competitions spot.  

- We take each game as it comes and don't look at the tables.

- Our next question is not about football. Whom will you support in today's fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor? Are you going to watch the fight?

- I know that the fight will take place today, I've seen something on the Internet, seen their press conferences. I will watch the highlights, actually I'm not a huge UFC follower 

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