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Khoren Bayramyan Speaks Ahead of the Lokomotiv Fixture


FC Rubin player Khoren Bayramyan speaks ahead of the Lokomotiv fixture

– Porto were able to beat Lokomotiv twice. Will Rubin be able to do it like to Porto did?

– We are getting ready for the game. After the bad game with Orenburg we should win and make amends to our supporters at home. The coaching staff will explain and tell us how we should play. Certainly, we have watched their CL fixture. One should follow such games and try to learn from Porto for example, to step on the pitch and try to win

–Was the game against FC Orenburg the worst for your team in the current season so far?

–I don’t know. It’s up to you to decide. We all understand that we didn’t play well and were worse in challenges, struggled with rebounds. We have not watched the postmatch video yet. The coaches will explain the mistakes we had made and we should move forward

–Which position do you like to play most: a fullback or an attacker?

–An attacker, of course. Everyone likes to score goals and I’m no exception.  But I should work hard.

–Will Sorokin’s suspension be a problem?

–Sorokin is a good player. If you are not eligible to play, your partners will help and replace you just like in case of any other position. Either player coming in as a sub or replacing a partner in the lineup will do his best to help the team

–What do you think of Lokomotiv?

–Despite their bad results in the Champions League campaign, they are on a four or five game winning streak in the Russian League now. They are strong now, they are a good team, they are Russian Champions with very good players. It’s going to be a tough game, but we look to win and there’s no other option

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