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Rubin 0-0 Lokomotiv: Kurban Berdyev on Today's Fixture


Russian Premier League Gameweek 14

FC Rubin 0-0 FC Lokomotiv

FC Rubin head coach Kurban Berdyev shares his postmatch impressions

- In general, we are pleased with today's performance, but not with the result, especially that of the second half

-  How do Kambolov and Bukharov feel?

- Thanks God, it's nothing serious

- It was a game of two different halves for FC Rubin with more chances in the second half, wasn't it?

-  The thing is that we did play properly in the second while in the first half we didn't. Regarding the first half, we overcomplicated it. Although football is complex, it's also a simple game

-You were saying that there were some nervousness in the first half. Was it the flip side of the team´s unbeaten streak?

- The nervousness was due to the fact that it was a defending champion we faced and their good condition now. Anyway, had we played in the first half the way we played in the second, the first half would not have been that challenging for us

-  Why did it this nervousness happen? Due to lack of experience from some of the players?

-  No, it was because of our previous game. As I was saying, the fixture against FC Orenburg has been the worst game for Rubin in this season.

-  Can the team overcome that nervousness?

- I think, we can. In particular, the substitutions we made today at half-time, helped a lot, especially Podberezkin and Mogilevets

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