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Interview: Vladislav Panteleev


Check out the interview of our new midfielder Vladislav Panteleev

- This transfer is a new challenge. It's a Premier League experience. I feel great. I have to prove myself, work hard and continue my growth. 

- You are a great free kick performer. What is your secret?

- Frankly speaking, there is no secret. I just started doing it and people said I was good at it. It was just a label they put on me

- Was it a rapid decision?

- I was very happy when I learned about the offer and was focused on it. It didn´t take much time, so I'm really happy

- A close friend of yours plays in Rubin now. Who is that guy?

- It's Igor Konovalov. We met 11 years ago at Spartak Academy. I trained with the group born in 1996, Igor is my age but trained with older guys, so you can imagine how good he was (laughs). Then he joined our group, we were roommates, we met there and we are still friends. 

- There is a picture with Igor wearing Lebron's shirt while you are wearing Stephen Curry's one. Are you a NBA fan?

- We were just hanging around in a mall and decided to buy some NBA star shirts. I like basketball. I would like to attend a NBA game once.

- Igor Konovalov can deliver set pieces and provide assists as well. So you are going to be competitors, aren't you? 

-  It's up to the head coach to decide and we should prove ourselves on the pitch. But it's true that Igor makes key passes and he does it well.

- What are your goals for the new year?

- First of all, we should work hard during the preseason. We have 13 fixtures to play apart from the Cup. We should do our best and win as matches as possible. I set my goals high, I'm looking forward to playing and helping the team


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